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iSingPOP is Innervation Trust's primary school singing and recording project. We give thousands of children the chance to learn an amazing set of specially written pop songs, record their very own album and perform a fantastic concert in the local church.

The team behind iSingPOP have over 20 years of experience managing and producing music for bands and schools teams including thebandwithnoname, The World Wide Message Tribe, tbc, BeBe Vox, Pop Connection, Shine, V*enna, and many others.

"We strongly endorse this initiative and encourage schools and parishes to engage positively with it."  Canon Maurice Smith CB, Director of Education, Manchester Diocese.

"How wonderful to see the church, school and community partnership in action. I watched the faces of the children and of the adults - they were totally involved, moving and singing along with the songs clearly based on Christian values. The energy and enthusiasm was infectious. I can thoroughly recommend this project!"  Ann Mundy, Director Of Education, Worcester Diocese.


iSingPOP is an exciting music project that helps schools to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils. ...more


iSingPOP weeks provide a great opportunity for churches to partner with schools and open their doors to hundreds of members of their local community. ...more


If you are the parent of a child who has just taken part in an iSingPOP week, we are guessing you’ve already heard all about the songs, the recording and the concert. ...more

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